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Living on the farm in the hills of Todi, with just the right amount of work/life space is where we can apply our professional skills to personally and meticulously taking care of our vineyards and all aspects of winemaking. This connection to our family and personal histories roots us deeply in the present of our hill-top winery.

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Our place was built within the original footprints of a historic building, a pigsty for the nearby casale. The house and cantina were built to be purposeful and practical. Extensive use of solar power heats water for heating and produces electricity. The strategic placement of windows and doors allows for natural light to be utilised almost exclusively during the days, as well as to cool the house with the breezes gifted to our location. Rainwater runoff is collected in our cistern and used for irrigation. We compost to provide nutrients to our garden.

With the varied soils and climate, we believe all the elements are in place to make fine Umbrian wines at CONCINNATE, and our early results are bearing this out.

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